For a while now, I’ve been participating in a play called “Alice in Japan” (highly modified version of Alice in Wonderland).  It’s put on by the ALTs of Niigata Prefecture to raise money for charity.  In the spring, we will travel to Papua New Guinea and build a school with the proceeds made from the musical.  I am playing the White Rabbit. We’ve been practicing now for a month or two.  We had a rehearsal this weekend in Joetsu and we actually got a lot done.  I’ve included a video of us doing the final dance,  “We’re all in This Together” from High School Musical, as well as the musical website.

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Wow this is awesome. High School Musical? I’m sure Mo would enjoy this. I like that one move where it looks like you’re punching someone or starting a lawnmower! haha
Merry Christmas!

I spent about 4 minutes trying to figure out where you were and then a solid 2 minutes laughing/choking. It looks like a lot of fun, if not a bit embarrassing. Do you get to wear a costume?

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