Why You Shouldn’t Use The Internet to Translate Japanese

Original Japanese:




BING!’s translation:

Good morning.

Lake Saroma 100 km towards, and you guys do the best. Today Saroma ( 4/22 snowed a 9 cm snowfall from last night.

Saroma Saroma 100 km to town also contestants are practicing to please. 6/30 5:00 Kamiyubetsu Town start until two months little is.

Google’s translation:

Good morning. I have everyone working hard towards Saroma 100km.

I estimate 9 cm in snowfall from last night Saroma (April 22) of today. I I see your figure that is practice those who are competing in Saroma 100km in Saroma town.

5:00 Yubetsu town start the 30th June is the month to little or two later.

My translation:

Good Morning. People who will be running the 100km Saroma Lake Marathon are training hard these days.

Today in Saroma (April 22nd) we had 9cm (3.5in) of snow accumulate overnight. Even now you can see the competitors in the ultramarathon practicing in and around Saroma.

Only 2 more months until the start in Yubetsu Town – June 30th at 5:00am!

Hokkaido Saroma travel

Beautiful Sunset on Lake Saroma

View from the shore of the Saroma Tsuruga Resort.

Some rain clouds were passing to the south of the lake, but the sunset was spared.