Retarded Japanese Essays

Short essays written in Japanese to practice specific grammar points lose their ring when you translate them into English.

It goes without saying that the Japanese countryside is full of old people.

It need not be said that the American President is an idiot.

Even if you are a parent, you must not hit a police officer for the sake of your child.

Even if you are a member of a high social class, you must not tell other people what to do.

Theme: To the Person Who Was Sleeping On the Train

This is regarding you sitting next to me and sleeping on my shoulder two weeks ago. For two hours, I was drooled and breathed on. Next time, please try not to annoy the person next to you.

The surprising thing was that I was suddenly poked with Japanese Culture in the ass.

Once you jump from the plane, there will be birds.

Recently, I heard that the number of carpenters who do not use hammers is increasing. If you are a carpenter, then you should work like a carpenter. Using only your hand is very manly, but you will sustain injuries.

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It sounds like shit that you’d have to type to kill that boss Strength in Typing of the Dead, doesn’t it?

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