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The Hostel Northampton Project

A college friend of mine, Jeanine Dargis, is starting up a hostel in Northampton, Massachusetts, near my alma mater (sort of) of Hampshire College.  I was actually rather surprised that there wasn’t already a hostel in that town, considering the sort of nice little place that it is.

In order for the project to move forward, they need to raise some money.  $15,000 dollars.  I decided to pitch in a bit, because starting a hostel is something I’ve thought about, and I’d like to see them succeed.  The neat thing about this donation system is that your donation doesn’t actually become a real donation unless they meet their funding goal.  In that sense, it’s a pledge, kind of like the pledges in elementary school for Jump Rope for Heart.  Your uncle’s 1¢ per jump pledge will only becoming a $20 donation if you actually bother to do all 2000 jumps.

So, if you appreciate the uniqueness of hostelling and feel like chipping in, go to the link below and pledge some dollars to help them meet their goal.

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Looks like it didn’t work out; that’s too bad. This is a really good and clever way to do a donation system, I certainly approve of it. That way if people donate $700 to a project that needs $10000, the people who get the cash don’t have to go “Uhhh… do we send this back… or…?”

And of course the temptation to keep it is removed, as well, so people can donate with less worry, assuming of course that they were inclined to worry in the first place.

Looks like someone donated “Over $1000,” but only one person. 🙁

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