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Early Election Results

Partly to further purpose of cultural education and internationalization, and partly as an outlet for my electoral frustrations, I had the 3rd graders at Saroma Junior High vote for the US President yesterday.  The 14-15 year old rural northern Japan demographic could turn this election.  First, I handed them an information sheet, which introduced the two candidates as well as new words.  Party, Age, Family, Hobbies, Slogan.  I left out policy matters.  Even if the English wasn’t too difficult, I doubted they would much care.  Then they did a fill-in-the-blank paragraph using the new words they had learned.  After, we spent 15 minutes watching some campaign commercials from both sides (stupid ones from both sides too), a few minutes of the third debate, a few minutes of the SNL parody of the third debate, and an “Obama Quest” Daily Show clip.


Then they voted.  Across both third grade classes, Obama won in a landslide: 49 votes to 11 for John McCain.  That’s a 64-point win!  I think we can all feel relieved from this new poll that Obama is in good position for victory.

In addition to their vote, I asked for a short explanation of their decision.  Essentially an exit poll.  McCain wins on experience, and Obama wins on youth and coolness, with McCain’s age a big deciding factor for this demographic.  Here are some of the more interesting ones:

McCain voters:

He seems to have experience, and a killer smile.

Even though he is old, he’s doing his best.  His commercials were interesting and he seems to have a lot of experience!

The Republican Party is better for Japan.  Even though he is someone that I don’t know.

Because he is a grandpa.

He’s really getting on in years, but since he’s been a Senator for 26 years, I think he can do the job fairly well.

Obama voters:

Because McCain looks like he’s going to die soon.

Because he’s young and his motto has a good feeling.

Because I think that a young person is better to make change.

I think it would be good to have America’s first black president.

Because Obama is fun and it seems like he will be steady.

Mr. Obamaにアメリカを変えていってほしいと思う。あとMr. ObamaはDemocratだから。共和党より民主党のほうが信頼できる
I think I want America to be changed by Mr. Obama.  Also, because Mr. Obama is a Democrat.  I think we can have faith in the Democratic Party more than the Republicans.

He has a really good smile, and I think in his case, he might save not just America, but the world.

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Wow, none of them voted for McCain because Obama’s an Uppity and Inexperienced Celebrity Communist Elitist Terrorist-loving Present-voting Crooked Real-estate-deal-brokering Muslim adherant to a Black Anti-American United Church of Christ Minister?

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