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On Monday we had our Prefectural Orientation in Niigata City.  I got to ride some trains, learn more stuff, and meet all the other JETs in the Prefecture, including those right in my town.  There are six of us who live in Murakami, although two work in towns further inland.  The orientation basically covered more stuff about our paid holidays, sick leave, insurance, some teaching ideas, etc.  There was an after-party at a bar in the city which was all you can eat/drink for 90 minutes.  That concept may be the end of me.  I did eat a lot though.  The Murakami group headed back around 9, and then hung out at one of the few bars in Murakami, the “Beachside” darts bar.  It’s not near the beach, but it does have darts.  Joel, our regional adviser and ALT at Murakami Itchu High School, said that this is one of the only places to come in Murakami where there might be people our own age.  Lots of old peoples.  Oh, and yes, Obon is sometime this week.  That’s the yearly ritual where the souls of the dead return to their hometowns, so the living also return to pay their respects.  It’s also supposed to cool down after Obon, so I am in support of that.

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Hi Sean! I am glad that you got to your town and got all set up! I think this blog is a very good idea, I enjoyed reading it and I can feel your spirit while I am reading it, so I do not really miss you that much:))) Is it a small town? Are there many foreigners? Did you meet interesting people so far? Anyway, keep it up I will read it. I am still in Russia, soon will come back…Good luck with everything, Ciao!!!

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