Flamingos from Long Ago

And perhaps Far Away as well.  This short film was featured on Long Ago & Far Away, a children’s program on PBS hosted by James Earl Jones.  I am pretty sure it blew my 6-year old mind.  It left such an impression on me that a few years back I got to thinking about it, and bothered to track down and buy British PAL-formatted VHS copy and convert and digitize it to DVD.  Lo and Behold, someone else has bothered to upload it to Google Video YouTube. Watch it.

(Updated November 6th, 2013 with a higher quality upload of the video)

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Flashback to Sunday mornings in Palmer. We will have to dig out the dvd you sent so we can enjoy it on the “big” screen. The best explanation of why we are here that I have seen up to now.

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