I’m in Sydney right now, have been here since Saturday Noon.  I made a good decision on accomodations: I am staying in a small budget backpacker place close enough to the main scuzbucket traveller’s center, and close to downtown and most of the sites, but far enough away from both of those (mainly the scuz area) to feel relaxed and happy.  It’s only a 30 bed place, and is just an old house run by this guy, Sam.  It reminds me of some old house in Omaha, in the Field Club area.  Also, the dorms I am staying in are only 3-bed dorms, as opposed to the 8-bed dorms I stayed in in Auckland.  Good deal.  About $22 AUD ($16 USD) per night, and I’m paid up through Tuesday night, since I leave for Perth on the train on Wednesday afternoon.

Since Saturday, I have just been wandering, seeing the sights: the Botanical Gardens, the Opera House, the harbor areas, the shopping areas, the harbor bridge, blah blah blah.  In a minute here, I am off for a walk to Bondi Beach, which is supposed to be real famous or something.

Things are moving slowly for a change, which is relaxing.  I spent 30 bucks on food at the grocery store on saturday, and that’s been enough since then, except for a $14 burger and a beer I bought last night near the harbor bridge.  There was one place serving kangaroo and crocodile for $18, which I thought was too expensive.  Probably a silly thing to think, but I can always go back.  Well, I’m off for a walk.

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