I am currently in Paea, staying at Pension Te Miti, on the West Coast of Tahiti.  I never made it to Easter Island, unfortunately.  I was all ready to fork over the cash, and there was room on the flight there, but no room on the flight coming back 4 days later. So, instead, i’ve saved some money, gotten sunburn again, gone snorkeling, cooked some horrible food, and generally had a good, cheap time.  I am going to blow some of my last 3000 Pacific Francs (~$30) tonight on a dinner at Le Snack down the road and a few cans of the local beer, La Bière Hinano, then watch the sunset (la couche de soleil) which is cheap and beautiful.  My time here is almost up.  I will try to get my Tahiti pictures online when I am in Auckland on Monday.  A Bientot.

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