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Murakami Arrival

Well, it is now Friday.  I arrived here in Murakami on Wednesday.  It`s a beautiful town.  I have a modest apartment near the base of Oshiroyama (castle mountain) which is about a 400 foot tall forested lump with some neat castle ruins on it.  I climbed it last night and watched the sun set over the sea to the west.

They have me on a pretty light schedule, which I appreciate.  I`ve been gaman-ing (persevering, basically) with the suit and tie, but in this heat, it`s nearly unbearable.  Yeah, it`s hot and crazy humid here.  Thursday, I signed my contract and was sworn in as a public servant and met the mayor.  The exact moment of the Nagasaki atom bomb anniversary occurred during the meeting, which was rather solemn.  They tuned the TV to NHK (the national broadcasting company) to watch the ceremony at the Peace Park in Nagasaki.  I then had lunch and went to the Jusco with Chris, the other ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) at the middle and elementary schools here in Murakami.  Today I visited my schools, introducing myself five times to five principals and five rooms full of teachers.  They all seemed impressed/relieved that I could speak Japanese.

I wont have the internet or a cellphone until my alien registration card arrives.  I have a phone at my apartment now but I don`t remember the number.  I should get that so I can be skyped.

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Remember Kyle from Atlanta? He’s in Japan now, doing a Masters at Waseda. If you want to get in contact with him, his email is I told him you were in Japan too. Though I suppose it will have to wait until you have your UFO Registration Tablet.

Wow, it sounds great. I’m honestly pretty envious of the fact that you’re teaching English over there. Anyway. Euphie is doing pretty great. She’s finally got drinking from a sippy cup down. And she’s able to stand up for more than 5 seconds without any support. She did it once for about 20 seconds once. We got a PS3 as well. It’s pretty awesome. UHhh..anyway…hope to hear more from you soon.

Sean-It sounds wonderful! I am SURE they were relieved that you speak Japanese. You’re the coolest. I asked Paige if she had talked to you on the phone and she said, “Yes. My Seanie comes over tonight.” How sweet. Everyone considers you their Seanie. Moshie Moshie.

Hey Sean! It’s been a while, so here’s some belated congratulations and well wishings. Congrats on graduation (I did receive your postcard, thanks!), and it’s awesome to see that you’re living in Japan. I hope you have a terrific if busy time, and good luck on teaching.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked, and though you’re on the other side of the world, in a completely different time zone, and surely going to be very busy, perhaps we can use the mighty power of internets to catch up some time. I’ve almost never on AIM anymore, but it’s easy to catch me on Google talk since I’m externally logged in to gmail while I’m at work. And then there’s always email too. So come what may, I’ll talk to ya later! ^^_8_^^;;;;; ..

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