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Hey, that’s a pun.

So I made my final and ultimate decision on a car. At least until July 31st of next year. It’s a silver 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.0R with 49,000km on it and a black interior.

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I am paying a fairly good chunk of change a month for it, but looking at it one way, only about 13% of my monthly salary. And that monthly payment includes shaken (shah-ken, a sort of car inspection tax), other car taxes, and full insurance that covers another driver in the car with me. I also don’t have any obligation past next July. And, for an extra 250 bucks, I am getting a roof rack with ski holder. Apparently, the car gets about 9 km/l. At 3.785 liters to the gallon, and 1.6 kilometers to the mile, I’ll let you math wizards figure that one out. And at about 144 yen for a liter of gas, at an exchange rate of 115 yen to the dollar, I’ll be spending some money on gas.

I’ll pick the car up on the tenth of next month, as it has to undergo the shaken process and get plates and stuff. I’m glad all that crap is taken care of for me!

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Very sleek and stylish. Congrats!!! My paw drove one of these in Dehli last year. Can’t say enough good things about it. I am sure it will serve you well.

Hey dude, congrats on getting a car. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about one anymore. If you haven’t been keeping up with me, I got a job at Fox News Radio and junk like that. Keep up the good work cause I might need to make a trip to Japan sometime soon and it would do me a solid to actually have someone I know in the country.


No doiley cloths. A car down the street has hello kitty headrests. No thanks.

Also, I didn’t actually buy the car. It’s a long term rental. I signed a contract until July 31st of next year. Everything is taken car of for me – I just pay a monthly fee, and can actually get a different car next August if I wish. Getting a license might be hard. As an American, my international driver’s license is only good for one year from my entry into the country. I’ve heard getting the Japanese license can be a huge bitch, so I am going to start early.

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